LEED AP BD+C Exam Prep

Step 1: Registration and Exam Discounts

Registration is easy. Simply create your USGBC account and press “Credentials” to see a list of current accreditations you can take. During this process, you can schedule your exam (rescheduling has restrictions, but can be done within a certain time frame). We recommend 2-3 months of studying for your exam.

LEED BD+C Exam Prep Savings

Discounted pricing for full-time students and members of a LEED organization are available. During the checkout process, make sure to enter your information down and look for the “Full-Time Student” option. The price should be reflected in your checkout process.

Step 2: Format of the LEED Exam

The LEED Professional Exams are scored between a 125 to 200 scale system. Within the 100 questions, you will not know what questions are graded and what questions are pilot questions that are not graded. The questions are multiple-choice questions, and the “best” answer is correct when there is more than one solution. The scale and what questions are graded and count towards your total score is based on the past USGBC and GBCI exam scores.

LEED BD+C Exam Prep Question Review

Skipping questions that are hard is recommended, but make sure to answer each question. We recommend skipping the difficult questions to allow jogging your memory during the exam to come back and answer the question.

Step 3: LEED Question Topics

The LEED Exam grades your understanding of the LEED rating system on three different categories: Recall, Application, and Analysis.

  1. Recall questions: Typically, fact-based question and answers from the reference book. They are usually easier questions to answer.
  2. Application Questions: Scenario-based understanding. A problem needs solving, usually, an example that requires credit application and use of the sustainability principles learned in the reference guide.
  3. Analysis Questions: These questions require you to break a problem down piece by piece to see the relationships between credits. Synergies and correlations exist throughout the LEED rating system, and these types of questions cover those connections.

LEED Building Design + Construction Exam v4

  • 8 QuestionsLEED Process
  • 9 QuestionsIntegrative Strategies
  • 9 QuestionsLocation and Transportation
  • 9 QuestionsSustainable Sites
  • 9 QuestionsWater Efficiency
  • 14 QuestionsEnergy and Atmosphere
  • 12 QuestionsMaterials and Resources
  • 11 QuestionsIndoor Environmental Quality
  • 4 QuestionsProject Surroundings and Public Outreach
  • 15 QuestionsPretest Questions

Step 4: LEED Exam Prep

This LEED Building Design and Construction Bundle contains the most widely used practice test on the market. They cover the need-to-know topics with detailed explanations of why an answer is correct. In addition to the practice tests, you will gain access to the LEED BD+C webinars that will help guide you on the material you need to know. The bundle also contains a detailed study guide that will condense the USGBC version into easy-to-understand topics. You will also gain access to flashcards and memory sheets that are instrumental in memorization for the fact-based questions. This bundle is complete with everything you need to know to pass your exam.

LEED Exam Prep BD+C Study Bundle: Everything you need to pass

LEED BD+C Exam Prep BundleFree Practice Test and Guides