LEED AP ND Exam Prep

Step 1: Registering for the LEED Exam and Member Discounts

Completion of your LEED exam starts with the registration process. Create an account with the USGBC. Easily click “Credentials” in your USGBC account to see an updated list of optional credentials you can test for. Schedule your exam with enough time to study to pass on your first try. We recommend at least 2-3 months of a study period to adequately cover the material on the exam.

LEED ND Exam Prep Savings

Member discounts are for full-time students and candidates of a member organization of the USGBC. Make sure you select your discount option during the registration process, and your reflected price will be shown during the checkout process.

Step 2: LEED Exam format and Skipping Questions

The USGBC and GBCI are responsible for creating the scale of 125-200 for each LEED exam. The questions are multiple-choice and not all questions are graded. The exam consists of pilot questions that are test questions for future exams. Often they have multiple correct answers with the “best choice” selection being the correct answer.

LEED ND Exam Prep Question Review

Skipping questions for review is recommended. There is plenty of time in your 2-hour exam to go back over and review the question for tricky wording, as well as eliminate wrong answers to make the best logical guess. There is no penalty for guessing compared to not answering questions. Make sure to review your exam at the end. This type of strategy will help you pass the first time.

Step 3: LEED Exam Question Topics

With Neighborhood Development, the LEED Exam covers three different levels of understanding of the LEED rating system: Recall, Application, and Analysis.

  1. Recall Questions: These types of questions require memorizing and repetition to learn. They cover the facts of the LEED rating system.
  2. Application Questions: Usually a scenario-based question that requires you to apply the LEED rating system to the question. These questions require more depth of understanding.
  3. Analysis Questions: The hardest questions that range from understanding the synergy between credits. You will have to understand how the credits correlate and impact each other.

LEED Neighborhood Development Exam V4

  • 13 QuestionsLEED Process
  • 21 QuestionsSmart Location & Linkage
  • 23 QuestionsNeighborhood Pattern & Design
  • 21 QuestionsGreen Infrastructure & Buildings
  • 7 QuestionsProject Surroundings and Public Outreach
  • 15 QuestionsPretest Questions

Step 4: LEED ND Exam Prep

Want to pass your exam on the first try? This LEED ND bundle is your best option. It contains the #1 selling and used study material out there. The exam simulator contains the depth of information you need to know with a simulator that mimics the format of the LEED AP ND exam. Each question contains details and references material to help you study even if you get a wrong answer. Additionally, the study bundle includes memorization flashcards. These flashcards are great for memorizing the recall questions on the exam. You will not be disappointed with this LEED Neighborhood Development bundle, and you will be well on your way to passing your exam on your first attempt!

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LEED Exam Prep ND Study Bundle: Everything you need to pass the first time!

LEED ND Exam Prep Bundle
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