LEED Green Associate Exam Prep

Step 1: Registration and Exam Discount Pricing

Registration is simple. Create a USGBC account and click “Credentials”. A list of LEED Accreditations available to you will appear, and you will be able to schedule your exam. We recommend 2-3 months of preparation time to pass your exam the first time.

LEED Green Associate Exam Prep Savings

Discounted pricing is available to full-time students and members of a USGBC LEED organization. Student pricing is for full-time enrolled candidates in an institution of education. During the registration process click the "Full-Time Student" option to reflect student pricing.

Step 2: Format of the LEED Exam and Skipping Questions

The LEED Professional Exam is scored on a sliding scale. With 100 questions and 15 pretest questions, the exam contains a few questions that are not graded but are considered "pilot test" questions that are more difficult. Each question is formatted as a multiple-choice question that can contain more than one answer but has a “best” answer correct response. The scale is graded upon previous exams that are calculated by the GBCI and the USGBC.

LEED Exam Prep Question Review

Should you skip questions? It is highly recommended with the difficulty of the exam to skip and mark more difficult questions to review later and give the best answer. This will give your brain time to go over the question as well as time for you to reread the question hoping to gleam a clue.

Step 3: Exam Question Topics and Depth

The exam contains 100 questions and 15 pretest questions in a two-hour period. The LEED Exam scores your ability on three different levels: Recall, Application and Analysis.

  1. Recall Questions: grades your ability to recall factual material described in the exam reference book. Factual questions are typically the easiest questions to answer.
  2. Application Questions: Problems that contain a scenario that needs solving. Usually, an example that requires knowledge of credit application using familiar principles of sustainability as referenced.
  3. Analysis Questions: Not only do you need to be able to break a problem down, but you need to be able to evaluate and compare the relationship or synergies of the credit application process.

LEED Green Associate Exam v4

  • 16 QuestionsLEED Process
  • 8 QuestionsIntegrative Strategies
  • 7 QuestionsLocation and Transportation
  • 7 QuestionsSustainable Sites
  • 9 QuestionsWater Efficiency
  • 10 QuestionsEnergy and Atmosphere
  • 9 QuestionsMaterials and Resources
  • 8 QuestionsIndoor Environmental Quality
  • 11 QuestionsProject Surroundings and Public Outreach
  • 15 QuestionsPretest Questions

Step 4: LEED Exam Prep Review Material

The LEED Green Associate Study Bundle contains the #1 selling Practice Tests updates to the latest LEED Green Associate version. Each question contains detailed explanations of why an answer is right. Additionally, you will receive LEED webinars that will guide you through the information that you need to know for the exam. The contained study guide has a plethora of information and is reinforced by flashcards and memory sheets that are great for visual repetition. This all-inclusive bundle is what you have to pass your exam the first time!

Study Bundle: Everything you need to pass

LEED Green Associate Exam Prep Bundle
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